Russo Can Help

We’ve been eliminating debt for over 30 years

We’re a boutique insolvency firm in Aurora, specializing in corporate and personal restructuring.

Why work with us

We pay attention to your needs while letting you know all your options. No situation is too small. We will guide you in understanding your budget needs. We bring diverse background in skills to help you develop a strategic plan to work with, either for your business or your future goals.

People come to us because we do not make any judgments about how they got here, or make them feel uncomfortable about how they should have behaved. We believe in this process and we like to help people. You can feel confident knowing you have the advantage of an experienced team working for you.

By choosing to work with a boutique firm you will have the close-knit group that will help facilitate your individual and/or business needs. By choosing a boutique firm you can guarantee that the entire office is dedicated to your best interest.

The Russo Difference

  • We’ve seen it all
  • We don’t judge
  • Experienced team
  • You’ll get results

You’ve made it this far, now the rest is easy.

We offer free, no-obligation, consultations with one of our debt specialists. Together, we’ll explore your debt relief options and develop a plan to regain your personal or corporate financial health.

How we can help you get a fresh start


We can help you generate a successful proposal that will keep your company operating. Should you opt to restructure, we can guide you in stakeholder negotiations. If bankruptcy is the best option, we can simplify the process and boost your credibility.

Corporate (Division 1) Proposals

Bankruptcy & Receivership


We can help you negotiate a legally binding proposal with your creditors which reduces your debt. If bankruptcy is the best solution, we will demystify the process, and help you make a plan for rebuilding your credit.

Consumer Proposals

Personal Bankruptcy

Deceased Estates

Your mental health is very important to us

To help support you during this tough time, we have developed a library of tips and resources.