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A little about us

Russo Corp is a hands-on boutique style firm that specializes in Corporate and Consumer restructuring and bankruptcy services. With 30+ years of industry experience, we have a deep understanding of insolvency. There’s no need to struggle in silence, and wrestle with your financial issues all on your own, when the fact is: this process is here to help you get that fresh start and get you back on the road to recovery.

Our approach is not to layer additional stress on an already stressful situation instead, we guide you step by step throughout the process. Our boutique style firm helps create a comfortable experience eliminating the stigma associated with insolvency. Our team offers a skillset that’s uniquely diverse, bringing together various areas of law, accounting, mortgages and investigative expertise. As industry experts, we can help you find the safest and best debt relief solution customized to your unique needs and situation.

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Meet the Trustee

Joanne Mercurio-Russo, CIRP

Joanne Mercurio-Russo, CIRP

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Joanne’s Story

I was introduced to insolvency at a young age. As a mother of three, I was actively involved in giving back to my community.  I consider myself blessed to do what I love for a living: helping people problem-solve so they can ultimately reach their goals.  It’s an indescribable feeling knowing you can take a situation from its worst and completely turn it around.

My favorite aspect of owning my own practice is working with a talented team who not only believe in me but also in our company’s goal.  When your team shows commitment and determination it’s a reflection of your entrepreneurship.  A successful business is a result of the foundation you built. 

My passions are: to make a difference in the world, finding inner peace, happiness and mental strength, to not only support yourself but those around you.   

Contributions to the Community
  1. President of the Business Improvement Association (BIA Historic Downtown Aurora) – To lead the revitalization of Downtown Aurora as a town focal point where businesses thrive; residents live, work, and play; and visitors feel welcome
  2. President of Aurora South East Quadrant Rate Payer Committee.
  3. Board Member, Aurora Business Continuity Task Force, Aurora C-19 Economic Recovery Team
  4. Member of Explore Aurora, Bridge to the Future
  5. Member of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  6. Sponsor of AYSC- Aurora Soccer Team
  7. Member of Digital Main Street, Downtown Aurora
  8. Strong supporter in promoting “local” first  – whether it be, advertising in the Auroran or other community periodicals, or having printing and marketing materials all produced and sourced right here in our community
  9. Sponsoring, volunteering and working closely with the community on local events such as Aurora Street festivals and fairs, Old Timer Hockey and Annual Santa Claus Parade
  10. Russo Corp sponsored event: Humboldt Bronco’s connect with Aurora Tigers and NHL Alumni meet and greet, organized by Sport Aurora.
  11. Russo Corp sponsorship with community high schools and placement opportunities for coop students
  12. Russo Corp sponsorship and support- Aurora Annual Prayer Breakfast

Introducing the team

Santina Zito

Santina Zito

Associate to the President

Corporate Insolvency & Restructuring Specialist

30 years’ experience specializing operations, production and systems

Anna Maria Equizi

Anna Maria Equizi

Assistant to the Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Consumer Insolvency & Restructuring Specialist

30 years’ experience in Financial Services sector

Jeremy Burbano

Jeremy Burbano

CIRP Articling Associate,
Social Media Strategist

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